Training To Be A Motivational Speaker

When I was researching information for this web site, I entered 'public speaking' in my search box. It pulled up an incredible 12,500,000 different web sites telling you everything you could possibly need to know. Among them, are thousands of sites offering public speaking courses for a price. In some instances a 'big ' price.

There are places to go that are highly recommended and are either free or very inexpensive. Search the Internet for companies that can teach you for a reasonable price. You might also consider 'Toastmasters International'. There are about 10,500 clubs in 90 countries so you should be able to find one near you. Membership fees are usually $100.00 US or less annually.

The Toastmaster club is a' learn by doing' organization practiced in a friendly and comfortable environment. In this club you will be learning to communicate by working through a manual of speaking assignments. There are no instructors in the Toastmasters club. You learn by doing and having your peers critique your performance. An excellent way to get rid of public speaking jitters.

If you cannot find a club near you, then you will have to come up with other ways to practice and hone your skills. Volunteer to speak at you child's school or at a service club in your community. Just keep practicing.

Motivational Speaker