How Do I Get Speaking Engagements

One of the first things you should do is to find yourself a niche, (topic that you would like to specialize in) and learn everything about it. People want to hire experts, and you need to become known for your particular niche.

In the beginning you will probably be speaking for free. Try to find organizations that might have people attending who might need a speaker in your field. For instance, if your expertise is in travel, you might want to attend a convention of travel agents to network and to speak to people who might need your services.

If you can, set up a website or have someone set it up for you. Tell visitors to your site about yourself and your area of expertise. Make a video presentation for your website so prospective clients can see you in action.

Do what ever you can do to keep your name in the public eye. Once you have done a few speaking engagements for a fee, keep in touch with your customers with an occasional card or a phone call. You don't want them to forget you.

And finally, if you look on the web for Speaker Directories you will pull up a large number of companies who will list you as a speaker in your field, for a fee.

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